Integration, System & Architecture

Building a future proof platform from top to bottom

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In today’s digital society it is important that your business can perform on a high level, having a modern application architecture is crucial to stay on top of the massive amounts of data that you’re gathering. To improve your decision-making process, your systems should be up to date and contribute data across all aspects of your business.

Data Respons specialists handles challenging integration & implementation obstacles, including architectural design, testing, debugging, and execution. We are highly experienced in delivering robust, scalable, and adaptable software architecture.

Our Specialists

Photo of Johan Jacobsson

Johan Jacobsson

Managing Director | Sylog

Photo of Ivar A. Melhuus Sehm

Ivar A. Melhuus Sehm

Managing Director | Data Respons R&D Services

Photo of Jan Landmann

Jan Landmann

Managing Director | IT Sonix