System & Cyber Security

Sophisticated and secure operations

Digital transformation concept. Binary code. Programming.

Every industry is experiencing a rapid increase in the number of targeted cyber-attacks. And as digitalization sweeps across the globe so does the cyber vulnerability at every business. Investment in connectivity, digital value chains and new software stacks should be accompanied by cyber security investments.

Data Respons delivers identification and classification of critical interfaces, and we can carry out risk assessments and design security requirements along with integration, testing and monitoring. Further we perform penetration tests for all domains such as information systems, embedded electronics, and industrial systems. In addition, our teams can also review your systems and applications to ensure state-of-the-art in quality, maintainability and security.

Last but not least Data Respons design cyber awareness programs that reduce the likelihood of employees being used via social engineering in a targeted cyber-attack.

Our Specialists

Photo of Dirk Frobese

Dirk Frobese

Managing Director | Frobese

Photo og Florian Öhlschlegel

Florian Öhlschlegel

Managing Director | MicroDoc