Testing & Quality assurance

Better testing leads to better quality

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Testing and quality assurance is crucial to ensure that your products and services are prepared to meet the market expectations. In today’s fast past society, we don’t have the time for big errors to occur after launch, and it’s important that you can be forward leaning with a service or product that does not only meet the needs of today, but also the needs of tomorrow.

Data Respons specialists have software testing experience on all major platforms and devices. Our clients see shorter product release cycles, dramatic improvements in product performance, more effective resource allocation and round-the-clock product testing. We can provide you with the expertise needed to survive in todays- and tomorrows market.

Not only do we have long experience within software testing, Data Respons also has testing facilities where we test solutions for rugged environments. We test if your technology can withstand the forces from high pressure, tough weather, and other extreme conditions.

Our Specialists

Photo of Ediba Hastor

Ediba Hastor

Managing Director | Donat IT

Photo of Heidi Sauer

Heidi Sauer

Managing Director | EPOS CAT

Photo of Jørn Toppe

Jørn Toppe

Managing Director | Data Respons Solutions