Smart farming: automated precision feeding station promotes sustainable live stock production

The Data Respons subsidiary, Data Respons R&D Services, have assisted TKS Agri, a Norwegian producer of agricultural solutions, to optimise their precision feeding solution, FeedStation (TM).

TKS Agri is a complete provider of feeding systems for livestock, ranging from manually operated machines to fully automated systems. Specialists from Data Respons R&D Services helped TKS Agri with software, hardware, FPGA and connectivity expertise to ensure non-disruption operations and renew the solution to make it more user friendly.

This type of feeding machines are one of many important innovations within sustainable farming solutions.

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 Agricultural precision feeding systems can reduce the amount of methane and nitrogen lost in production, directly reducing the impact of farming operations on the environment. By not overfeeding or underfeeding your stock the farmer use the correct amount of food, and less feeding waste is left, as well as keeping the stock healthy.