Get the right value-add with R&D Specialists

A project manager has several factors to consider when hiring R&D resources. Cost is of course one of them, but who you hire and with what kind of expertise and experience is more relevant for the end result. Our customers want an engineer, or a team, who is more than capable of just doing the job, and who is experienced enough to guide them to smarter and more cost-effective solutions. In other words, the customer wants real value-add.


Low risk

By using R&D specialists the total risk on the development project will be reduced. Our specialist engineers are hand-picked into
external projects based on their technical competence and industry relevant experience, leaving nothing to chance.

Moreover, Data Respons has solid knowledge of environmental factors and applicable standards required in various applications, whether it is Functional Safety IEC 61508 for subsea installations or MILSTD-810F for military systems.

A project manager needs to be reassured that his project will be finished on time, with the right quality, with transparent communication and within the agreed cost estimate. An R&D specialist team from Data Respons will have the relevant training, confidence, methodology and tools to do just this.

Vertical competence needed

A typical example is the Oil & Gas sector; it takes years of experience to truly understand the customers’ needs in terms of meeting the industry standards and be a solid expert on areas such as Functional Safety.

Data Respons’ engineers are continuously being trained to become better embedded specialists which in return strengthens our collective competence increasing our customers competitive edge.

Our R&D specialist teams will not just complete the task according to technical specification. They will provide feedback on improvements to the customers’ design, find ways to perform the task faster and suggest design features that extends a product’s life cycle .

Hiring an R&D specialist team let our customers stay focused on their core business rather than worrying about all the details.

The right value add

Many of Data Respons’ customers are leading high-tech companies developing cutting edge technology with extremely qualified in-house R&D departments.

Tight collaboration between Data Respons’ specialists and our customers’ R&D teams allows us to achieve an in-depth mutual knowledge of systems and technologies. This has over the years built long term beneficial partnerships and created the right value add.


Data Respons R&D Services